Fully appreciate the taste and blessings of nature to your heart's content.

Selected from a variety of the best and freshest ingredients each season has to offer.
As we incorporate an abundance of the most delicate food element, you are sure to enjoy the richness in flavor and experience of Lake Toya.


An all-you-can-eat buffet variety using a wealth of seasonal ingredients! Buffet Menu Buffet Menu Buffet Menu

About smoking
The buffet restaurant is an all non-smoking area.
Please use the smoking area at the back of the “shop corner” on the first floor.
Preparation foryoung children
Child chair, spoon and folk are available for use free of charge. Please be aware that the amount is limited. About baby strollers Guests are permitted to bring a baby stroller to the dining area, however, please be careful not to block pathway and other activity that may interfere with other guests experience. Thank you for your cooperation.
About food allergies
Concerning matters of food allergies, please contact us.