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  • Access by Free Shuttle Bus
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7-8 Toyako Onsen Toyako-cho Abuta-gun
Phone number
Overseas: +81-142-75-2211
Domestic: 0570-026571
MAP Code
321 519 556
Parking lot(Free of charge)
100 cars
Total number of the guest rooms
205 rooms
Maximum accommodation
900 people

Access by Free Shuttle Bus

Free bus service from JR Sapporo Station.
Reservations will no longer be accepted once seating becomes full, so please reserve as early as possible.
For your comfort and convenience, please take advantage of the pick-up/drop-off bus service.

Reservation Method
For customers who wish to take the shuttle bus, please order online.
Booking Application for Shuttle bus service
* Due to the limited number of seats on the bus, we do not allow use for groups of 8 or more people.
Gathering on Day of Bus Departure
・The designated meeting place is located on the “Kane no hiroba” (鐘の広場) on the North Entrance of JR Sapporo station.
・Reception will begin 30 minutes prior to bus departure. Please be sure to check-in at least 15 minutes before departure time. (by 13:15)
・To ensure our smooth and proper bus ride together, it is necessary to strictly keep to the time schedule.

JR Sapporo Station⇔KohanteiFREE

JR Sapporo Station⇔Kohantei Map

Customers are to gather at the “Kane no hiroba “ of JR Sapporo Station North Exit.
Staff wearing a yellow jacket will be there to receive you.

Pick-up Bus (Leaving from Sapporo Station North Exit)
Reception Sapporo Station North ExitLeaving Sapporo Station North ExitArriving at Toya Kohantei
Sending-off Bus (Leaving from Toya Kohantei)
Gathering at Toya KohanteiLeaving from Toya KohanteiArriving at Sapporo Station North Exit

New Chitose Airport⇔Kohantei1 person, one-way ticket is 1,000 Japanese Yen (tax included)

New Chitose Airport⇔Kohantei Map

【From April 29, 2017 – March 31, 2018】
On the 1st floor of New Chitose Airport in the arrival lobby, between Japan Airlines (JAL) Arrival Port A and Japan Airlines (JAL) Arrival Port B, there is a big green sign reading “Hokkaido Tour Desk” at the domestic flights tour desk area.
This is the designated meeting place.
The counter staff will receive you.
*Please pay on the day at the front counter of the Hotel.

Pick-up Bus(Leaving from New Chitose Airport)
Reception New Chitose AirportLeaving New Chitose AirportArriving at Toya Kohantei
Sending-off Bus (Leaving from Toya Kohantei)
Gathering at Toya KohanteiLeaving from Toya KohanteiArriving at New Chitose Airport
Important Note
  • ・On days that there are no reservations made, the service will not be running.
  • ・Please be aware in advance that if the airplane / public transportation you are using is late, there are times when the shuttle bus may leave without you.
  • ・Please be aware that depending on traffic conditions, the bus may run on a slight time lag.
  • ・This is a completely non-smoking bus.
  • ・Please note that neither we, nor the bus company, shall be responsible for the loss of your luggage and/or personal belongings.
  • ・Please be aware in advance that there will be no stops to get on or off the bus along the route to or from the hotel.
  • ・Please be aware that there may be times when the transport will be done via Kita-Yuzawa.

Access by Bus

Sapporo ~ Toyako Onsen (Stops at Jozankei, Nakayama Pass, Rusutsu) Sapporo ~ Toyako Onsen (Stops at Jozankei, Nakayama Pass, Rusutsu)
  • Donan Bus Timetable Information Sapporo ~ Toyako Onsen

Access by Car

Access by Car Access by Car Access by Car Access by Car
  • Highway Toll Fee Information

*Parking lot is available and free of charge.

Access by JR

Access by JR Access by JR Access by JR
  • JR Hokkaido Timetable Information
  • Transfer Information  [Jorudan]
  • Donan Route Bus Timetable Information [Toya Station Mae -  Toyako Onsen / Motomachi]
Access from JR Toya Station
Take a local bus for Higashi-Machi-Sun Palace via Toyako-Onsen. Get off at Moto-machi.
One-way is approximately 25 minutes.

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